About Us

Hello, and welcome to Home Vapers!

Who are we?
Established in 2016, Home Vapers was created on a concept idea whilst two friends were on a lunch break and were sick and tired with having to travel to shops to purchase quality eLiquid. There are much easier ways, thus, Home Vapers was born. We have a great range of juices, along with different accessories.
Our juices?
Our e-liquids are tried and failed until we reach perfection.

We sit and think, for hours and days, when we think we have a winner, we mix. All of this would be pointless without the input of those who matter, you.

We test thoroughly and get feedback from fellow vapers until we get to where we can all agree the flavour can't be beaten!

All of our e-liquids are made from pharmaceutical grade VG and PG. We're sure you've all heard the scare tactics used about 'popcorn lung'? Well we use flavourings that do not include any harmful ingredients like Diacetyl or Acetylpropionyl.

For those who don't already know, overly sweetened juice tends to ruin your coils, FAST!

We at Home Vapers LOVE coils, well, we love you being able to use the same coils for a long period of time.. We take careful consideration when using sweetener, so much so that we're trying to get out of using sweetener altogether! Don't worry, we aren't compromising on flavour, if anything, what we have coming taste even better without it! We've done this so you can use our e-liquids all day long. These are flavour booming e-liquids that hit the sweet spot without the unnecessary junk inside them.

We are extremely proud of what we've done over the last two years, we've gone from strength to strength and have more ideas flowing all the time!

Keep your eyes peeled, this year is going to be a good one for us and for you all!



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