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Royal Strawberry XL - 250ml By Home Vapers

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A real no fuss strawberry. This isn't a strawberry sweet, this isn't a creamy strawberry. This here is our take on an organic, life-like, real strawberry. We know you'll love it!

This juice is unbelievably flawless, succulently sweet and softly ripe. A juice made for Royalty. There's nothing fancy about this, it's just pure British deliciousness. A true tastebud tingler. Everything a strawberry should be, proud but simple.

Try it, tell us we're wrong?

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We told you we had something BIG in store, right?

Now it's on the store, ready for you to buy, right now!

Why wait for bottle shots to steep? Why the need to buy extra ingredients? Don't you always seem to have a random amount left over you can't do anything with? Why get your hands messy? Why fiddle with all the work when we can do it all for you? There are just so many reasons not to mess around with bottle shots anymore! They are a thing of the past!

Our XL range has sixteen very delicately selected flavours that will satisfy every tastebud.

Remember, to get this juice at exactly 3mg, all you need to do is add 5 x 10ml 18mg nicotine shots!