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Cola Cubes by Home Vapers - Home Vapers

Cola Cubes by Home Vapers

Home Vapers

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You've popped to shop, you see a isle of sweets and you're unsure what to go for, you might think it's worth taking the risk getting a pack you've not had before, but then the sensible voice inside your head tells you to keep it safe, right? That's what this flavour is, that safe choice you know you'll love, need more be said about everyones most loved sweet?! Enjoy that refreshing taste of Cola Cubes through vaping now!

Bottle Size: 60ml Shortfill.
Quantity: 50ml.
Ratio: 80/20.
Nicotine: 0mg.

Our shortfill 50ml juices are all packaged in 60ml bottles.
This leaves the perfect space for an 18mg Nicotine shot, making this liquid to a 3mg strength.
Just pop the cap off, squeeze the shot in, shake and vape!